Corneal Physician Bulletin: Corneal Endothelium Encouraging Quantitative Index for Graves'

            Active Graves’ Ophthalmopathy (GO) showed morphological alterations in corneal endothelium vs. inactive GO, revealing that the cell area reflected in corneal endothelial function has the probability of acting as a non-invasive, objective, and quantitative index for assessing GO activity status, reports a recent study in the American Journal of Ophthalmology.
            Specifically, the coefficient variation of cell area in corneal endothelial function was significantly higher in active GO vs inactive GO (37.0[34.4-41.2]% vs. 33.9[30.9-36.8]%, P=0.001), and positively correlated with clinical activity score (CAS) (r=0.322, P<0.001). Additionally, cell area had the capacity to differentiate active GO eyes from inactive GO eyes.         
            This study was comprised of 128 eyes of 64 GO patients. Each eye was given a specific CAS, and then labeled as Active (CAS ≥ 3 points) or Inactive (CAS<3 points). The researchers used generalized estimating equations that accounted for inter-eye correlation, to compare the ocular parameters between the two groups. Receiver operating characteristic curves were also obtained.