Corneal Physician Bulletin: Laser Vision Correction Increases Almost 50% Compared With 2020

            The volume of laser vision correction (LVC) procedures (LASIK, SMILE and PRK) for Q3 2021 is 48% vs. 2020, reports the Refractive Surgery Council (RSC) ( 
            Specifically, close to 191,000 LASIK, SMILE and PRK surgeries were performed in Q3 2021, according to RSC research. 
            “People are putting themselves and their personal goals first. We see this in the surge in travel, demands for work flexibility, job and relationship status changes, as a result of the pandemic,” explains RSC Chairman Jim Wachtman, in an RSC press release. “The continued rise in LVC procedures is yet another marker reflecting people’s desire to prioritize themselves…” 
            RSC’s report is based on utilization data amassed from the industry’s refractive device manufacturers, the organization says. CP