Corneal Physician Bulletin: Music May Tame the Anxious Cataract Surgery Patient

            Web app–based personalized music intervention prior to cataract surgery may lower anxiety levels and hypertension or decrease the need for sedative medication, reports a study in JAMA Ophthalmology.1
            Specifically, the incidence of hypertension was significantly less in those who listened to web app-based personalized music (21 [13.6%]) vs. those in the control group, who wore noise-cancelling headphones without music (82 [52.9%]), with a difference between the 2 groups of 39.3% (95% CI, 21.4%-48.9%; P < .001).
            Additionally, the mean visual measure of anxiety was less in the web app-based personalized music group (1.4 [2.0]) vs. in the control group (3.1 [2.4]), with a difference of 1.5 (95% CI, 1.0-2.1; P = .005). 
            Further, the mean number of sedative drug injections needed during the procedure was 0.04 (0.24) in the web app–based personalized music group vs. 0.54 (0.74) in the control group who wore noise-cancelling headphones, with a difference of 0.50 (95% CI, 0.43-0.57; P < .001).
            A total of 310 participants were randomized (155 to each group) 20 minutes prior to cataract surgery.

1. Guerrier G, Abdoul H, Jilet L Rothschild PR, Baillard C. Efficacy of a Web App-Based Music Intervention During Cataract Surgery: A Randomized Clinical Trial JAMA Ophthalmol. 2021 Sep 1;139(9):1007-1013.