Corneal Physician Bulletin: Small Study Shows Link Between DED and OCD

            Dry eye disease is associated with newly diagnosed obsessive cumpulsive disorder (OCD) in patients not taking any psychiatric medications, indicating that inflammation, which is involed in the pathogenesis of both conditions, may be the reason for this link, reports a study in Cornea.
            Specifically, those study participants with OCD had “significantly higher” scores on the Ocular Surface Disease Index, in corneal Oxford numbers and in conjunctival Oxford numbers and consistently less values in the Schirmer’s test and tear break-up time. Additionally, the mean neutrophil-to-leucocyte ratio values were much higher in the OCD group vs. healthy controls.
            The prospective study was comprised of 30 OCD patients not using a psychiatric drug and 30 healthy participants.
Cornea. doi: 10.1097/ICO.0000000000002724