Non-Biological Artificial Cornea That Does Not Require Implantation of Donor Corneas Available in Ch

Photo credit  :Microkpro Medical

            The MIOK Keratoprosthesis, from Microkpro Medical, a non-biological, artificial cornea that does not require co-implantation was approved by the Chinese agency for regulating drugs and medical devices.
            Specifically, the keratoprosthesis is made mostly of clear PMMA plastic and provides a transparent optical pathway through an opacified cornea to restore sight to patients who have corneal blindness, due to a failed corneal transplantation from autoimmune diseases (e.g., Stevens-Johnson syndrome, chemical/thermal burns, corneal graft failures, corneal scarring/vascularization, severe dry eye disease, and symblepharon, among other corneal issues.    Because the MIOK Keratoprosthesis does not require co-implantation of donor cornea, it addresses the lack of donor corneas globally and decreases the risk of postoperative complications and rejection responses, Microkpro Medical said.