Top 3 Corneal Physician Symposium Sessions: No.1

No.1: Wisdom From the Surgical Wizards

By Steve Lenier, contributing editor 

            The last Corneal Physician Symposium revealed that three sessions came out on top for live attendance and engagement. If you missed them, you can still see them at
            Here’s a brief synopsis of No. 1: Wisdom From the Surgical Wizards.
• Dalk Chalk Talk. Mitchell Weikert, MD, MS, discusses deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) in this course, explaining (with accompanying video) the Big Bubble technique, and the Brave Slash! Also, he details the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure, as well as appropriate patient selection, and you get a look at the steps of a DALK procedure. 
• DMEK and Heart Palpatations. Neda Shamie, MD, describes which step of DMEK causes her heart rate to climb, and discusses the varying configurations of the donor grafts. She says she prefers the old paper map scroll to the taquito style, and her video shows how to manipulate the various types successfully into place. You’ll want to know why she says the procedure requires “a real commitment to every move of the dance.”
• Yamane Technique. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD, talks about the Yamane technique of transconjunctival intrascleral IOL fixation. Her information and video provide subtleties in placement and technique, and tips on the instrumentation to use and different lenses to consider. 
• Questions & Answers. Moderator Kendall Donaldson, MD, MS, led a short but informative question and answer session with questions from audience members to round out the presentation. 
Stay tuned for No.2!