Corneal Physician Bulletin: Contact Lens in Development to Prevent Contact Lens-Induced DED

            A contact lens prototype created to preclude contact lens-induced dry eye disease has been developed by a team at the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation, a Los-Angeles-based non-profit organization that “aims to tackle the biggest problems in health.” The work is supported by CooperVision.
            Specifically, the contact lens, made from a silicone polymer mixture, incorporates microchannels to facilitate tear flow in response to blinking. This is to alleviate the discomfort, visual impairment, and risk of inflammation associated with contact lens-induced dry eye disease, according to an Institute press release. A custom device constructed reservoirs at the ends of each microchannel for tear flow.
            After some proof-of-concept testing, the team says it is now looking into testing the contact lenses on animal models and patients.